About Delaware County Women’s Center

Our History

Delaware County Women’s Center (DCWC) proudly carries on the legacy of Reproductive Health and Counseling Center (RHCC) a center founded in 1973 by three OB-GYN physicians associated with Crozer-Chester Medical Center. For almost 40 years the clinic was lead by Jane Green, a women’s right champion who fought to keep reproductive health services accessible for women in Delaware County and the surrounding areas.

Mission Statement and Philosophy

We provide compassionate abortion care and reproductive health services, inspired by our belief in the autonomy of the individual and our commitment to strengthening communities and building a better future. We strive for excellence in healthcare provision, and we work for reproductive justice and social change.

Staff and Facilities

Delaware County Women’s Center is a state licensed quiet doctor’s office that has a trained professional medical team specializing in first trimester abortion services. All of our doctors are Board Certified female family doctor and are fully trained in well women’s health care and obstetrics. All women will receive a private consultation and one-on-one care with our all-female staff of board-certified family doctors. All patient care is managed in a private examination room, no recovery rooms are necessary for care, and the patient’s support person can be with her during her entire appointment.

Along with providing the best medical care, we at Delaware County Women’s Center recognize that the emotional side of the decision to end a pregnancy is equally important. All patients have a private pre-operative counseling session, during which you can address any questions or concerns about your pregnancy and procedure. This can also be done over the phone. Post-abortion counseling is available at your request.

Delaware County Women’s Center offers private abortion care and exclusive use of entire facility – click here for more details.  Please call 267.479.5414 for more information.